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AC Panels are made for Commercials!

Single Point of failure

Complete solar power plant breaks down in this centralized system

Failure rate very high

Not at all Flexible

NO Single Point of failure

Complete solar power plant never breaks down as this is Decentralized system


Failure rate is very less

Fully Flexible 

Micro Panel Level Monitoring

Every panel does not produce an equal amount of power, AC Solar Panels give you accurate micro-level data for an energy assessment. 

Operate All your AC Solar Panels from your mobile app.

AC Solar Panels System Advanced Features


AC Panels System is IP 67 rated for long durability.

Zero Export 

Use Solar Energy only for your self-consumption by switching to Zero Export Feature, by this no solar power is feed into the grid


Ac Solar Panels Comes with a long warranty period of     10 - 25 years.

These Panels are tested to last for 30+ years


AC Solar Panels are future Grid ready, they are very flexible to adjust to future Grid Settings.

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